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Digital Alpha Online Marketing Solutions is dedicated to making your company grow and we value our relationship with each and every client. Digital marketing is a key component to the success of every business.

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Our fully-managed solution makes targeting your customers online easy 


Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your search engine results goes a lot deeper than you think! Our digital marketing software will give you all the right keywords to insert to your website to maximize your chances of being found organically on Google. This also applies to your social media marketing as well. Need help with social media management or SEO optimization?

We have monthly packages as low as $99/mo.


Social Media Marketing

Need a strategy for your social media marketing? We have you covered here at Digital Alpha Online Marketing Solutions. Social media is at the forefront for businesses and it is the Ground Zero for potential customers to engage and foster a connection with your business. We believe that our posting and advertising strategies will take you to that next level.

Our social media management packages start as low as $99/mo!


Need help getting your e-commerce store off the ground? Want someone to get your social media marketing generated for your store? We are huge fans of e-commerce stores and social media management and would love to help! Call our office to set up a consultation.

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Logo Design

Creativity is what drives our digital marketing success! Let us help you create the perfect logo for your vision.

Large Media Exposure

Are you looking for a digital marketing agency to help get you exposure on a larger scale? Get featured in your local magazine or setup a time slot for your local news station. Our connections with large media outlets will give your company the boost it’s looking for at a great price. Call for a free quote today!

Web Design

Let our digital marketing team help you create a beautiful platform that is easy to maneuver for your potential clients. We believe that a website is the heart of a business. Having a strong site can promote discovery and boost your company’s growth. Pair this with social media marketing and you’ll be on the path to success in no time! Need social media management?

Our packages start as low as $99/mo!


Thank you Digital Alpha for helping me get my social media platforms built out! I didn’t realized how much goes into it, luckily I found a team that genuinely care about my growth!

Debbie Bloyd

Thanks to Jeff and Heather, our practice has seen a large amount of growth in social media engagement in just a short amount of time! Heather is so creative, thanks a ton.

Dr. Farrell

My son (6 yrs old) wanted to start his soap making company and heather provided us so much insight and content to post to our social media! Thank you for all your help!

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